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Skinners Black 2.0 - Diamond

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Skinners Black 2.0 Barefoot Sock shoes are designed to provide a true barefoot experience with added comfort and protection. Here are the key features of the Skinners Black 2.0:

Slim Fit: The Skinners Black shoes have a slim fit design with a middle cut and narrower toe-box, providing support and balance for dynamic activities and sports.

Proper Barefoot Experience: The Skinners Black edition has no insoles added, allowing your foot to be only a few millimeters from the ground, delivering a true barefoot experience with every step.

New Level Comfort: The double hem design gives your ankles a soft hug while maintaining a perfect grip. The seamless finish adds to the sleek appearance of the Skinners Black shoes.

Socks-like Flexibility with Shoe-like Protection: The Skinners Black shoes resemble socks in terms of flexibility and adaptation to the foot but provide protection similar to shoes. They have a medium cut and intentionally do not have an insole, allowing you to feel every step.

1 mm Thin Sole: The shoes have a sole of only 1 mm, reducing the risk of abrasion, burns, and cuts while protecting your feet from painful steps while maintaining maximum foot sensation.

Material: The upper is made of elastic, slightly compression material, providing a snug fit and high elasticity to adapt to the foot.

Non-Slip and Reinforced: The toe, heel (reinforced), and bottom of the sock are non-slip and reinforced against rapid abrasion, ensuring durability during various activities.

Lightweight: The shoes weigh approximately 80 grams, making them light and easy to carry around.

Versatility: The Skinners Black shoes are suitable for various activities, including training, yoga, water sports, outdoor activities, and can be used as an alternative to shoes for various activities like skating and biking with treads.

Washable and Antibacterial: The shoes are washable and treated with an antibacterial treatment to eliminate odors.

Double Layer of Resistant Anti-abrasive Polymer: The shoes feature a double layer of resistant anti-abrasive polymer from Sweden, ensuring durability and protection.

Overall, Skinners Black 2.0 Diamond Barefoot Sock shoes provide a unique combination of the freedom and flexibility of socks with the protection and durability of shoes. They are designed for various activities and offer a comfortable and lightweight experience for users seeking a true barefoot feel.