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Ugreen Waterfall Magnetic Phone Holder

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Hands-Free & Safer Driving: Magnetic Car Phone Holder firmly secures your smartphone on air vents for hands-free GPS navigation, phone calls, music enjoyment, instead of holding on hands, which prevents you from breaking road laws and offers a safer driving experience. The Magnetic Air Vent Car Holder features simple & one-hand installation. Just clip it onto car air vents and attach the phone to the magnetic surface. Keeping hands on the steering wheel greatly promotes driving safety. Reliable Stability & Safety: Magnetic Air Vent Car Mount features powerful neodymium magnets(5* N52 magnets), longer serrated prongs(19.8mm), aluminum unibody, and anti-slip rubber cushions. The Magnetic Car Clip Phone Holder attaches to the air vents tightly and holds the phone in place even on bumpy roads or sudden braking, offering incredible stability and safety.Two different magnet metal plates can be chosen based on the road conditions and your phone's size.